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Following the questions you ask me most often, I would like to answer some of them here to improve the readability of my services.

"Do you treat worms on children, do you receive children?"

- Yes I treat various problems on children (worms, behavioral disorders, agitation and nocturnal crises, warts, acne, anxiety...) and it is a great joy for me to receive them. Children are unprejudiced and pure, so the magnetism works wonders, the session is short and the effects quick, usually no more than one session is needed except for some heavier ailments.

"Do you do the disenchantments?"

- Yes I practice bewitchment consultations only on photo and not in the presence of the person for the sake of being influenced neither by you nor by me that's why I practice in the evening at nightfall, in order to obtain in these conditions, a fair and reliable answer.  

Unusual stress, excessive hardships, sticks in the wheels, fatigue or strange resentments? This may be a bewitchment, it is good to get checked.

A bewitchment is not responsible for all the evil or all the hardships that one undergoes but it adds a layer which one could well do without, and if it is not lifted it can cause more serious problems, illness. , conflicts, anxieties, depression... this service can complement a session of traditional Magnetism.

A bewitchment consultation is a bit like a blood test, it allows you to be reassured and so badly you remove. When there is excessive fatigue, accumulated obstacles and strange resentments it is better to know and treat. No need to have been in contact with people in black magic. Bewitchments and spells are like air traffic. During a feverish or fragile pass they fit into the person. Obviously we must not go into a psychosis since in the same way that we can contract all diseases we do not think about it every day otherwise we no longer live. So appeal to reason so as not to be afraid, it's useless and it attracts evil, but to caution yes.

"Are you moving?"

- I can no longer travel unfortunately because I receive a lot of people. However, every evening I do remote photo sessions, which extends my action to all of France.

" Do you do for the cessation of tobacco, drugs, alcohol or for weight loss? "

- Yes, and I will be clear about the therapy that I put in place for these treatments. I therefore work on the appeasement in you, the simplification of your vision of things, the strengthening of your will and your conviction, the recharging of energies in you and the awakening of your receptivity to magnetism to better apply it and in this sense help you achieve your goal and support you. Added to this is the mental suggestion which is specific to hypnosis which, let's not forget, was born of magnetism since Mesmer. For weight loss during the second session I apply the pose of a virtual gastric band.  


" Do you practice remotely on photo? "

- Yes for all suffering and I have no less results in the cabinet than remotely on photo.

I hope this post has been useful to you. You can visit my Facebook page  also

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Good day to you.


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