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Ciels bleus

My method:

For in-office sessions:


Session 1: Evacuation of evil


Part 1: the conscious and what it is possible to control:


Talking and in-depth time often long enough as necessary in order to capture the maximum number of points and during which I present my method of application to you, so that the second part is as effective and complementary as possible.

Part 2: What you do not have access to and to which I have access, in other words your mind, unconscious, soul, the past, the present, without a limit in time.

Imposing time by magnetism you lie down, I apply releases and rebalancing, and I say, at the heart of the application, a few words to your attention according to your story and what I hear from above than me.

In all and for any launching of an action of evacuation to eliminate the evil that it is physical or psychological.

Session 2: access to appeasement, relief, well-being

Part 1: We take stock of the past week  

At this stage the first part lasts much less time we make a point then we move more quickly to the second part of applying magnetism to stop the evacuation process and access appeasement.  

Part 2 :

Application of magnetism in a complete care aimed at access to appeasement and well-being.

Session 3:

It takes place 15 days after the second session, this session must allow us to have understood the best, not that everything is resolved but that, unlike the moment when you came, where everything was going more and more badly now everything is going better and better in the right direction, and the energies with which we worked being alive and active they will continue their work, with your agreement, well beyond the last session, this is why I always follow people, at least by a systematic update 8 days after the last session and if necessary more, with the aim of always meeting your needs as well as possible, that is my only objective.

This third session is used to finalize the work and to anchor it further, thus making its effects as long-lasting as possible.

Note that for skin problems, warts, psoriasis, or very entrenched behavioral problems, after the treatment, it will be necessary to place yourself on a larger time scale and to be patient.

I always check in with you a week after each job.

For remote care on photo:

As part of a session of traditional magnetism remotely on photo I apply a session which is the main session, then I apply what I call a care reminder two days later, which represents in all two interventions towards you with an interval day and all this included in the price of a session.

Remote photo sessions always take place in the evening except in emergencies, during those hours when a majority of people are at rest and calm.

It should be noted that in view of the distance and the absence of verbal exchange, this type of care has a stronger spiritual and action value than during a session in the office, and this for guaranteed to reach you.

I always check in with you a week after each job.

Ciels bleus


"You don't build a house in one piece."  


For a lasting quality it is necessary to clear, pack and make the foundation (session 1) then and after a drying time we can build on this base (session 2), and finally when everything is finished we go around the place to establish a first assessment and we finalize (session 3)

This basic image to help you better understand my method.

My action aims to offer a real therapy and not a single and simple application by magnetism.

Since children are much more receptive than adults, the application to them is much shorter and has fewer stages. In proportion to their age 0 to 3 years old: 10 minutes, 3 to 6 years old: 15 minutes, 6 to 10 years old 20 minutes. 

Ciels bleus
Ciels bleus


My method is deliberately expeditious, it is a brief therapy, over three sessions to first work "hot" in order to avoid any fallout or cooling, secondly as I say "expeditious" because I hope not to see you again. after lol in other words my greatest wish is to give you access to the relief you are asking for of course and that it be lasting and give you the means to maintain it why not indefinitely. Finally, I do not wish to generate in people a dependence on my care.


I will always be very frank, direct and clear, but also of course always touched by suffering, which is the engine that generates my motivation to relieve and exploit all my capacities for this in you.  



Good for you.


Pierre Belloir

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