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Disenchantments and

For bewitchment consultations I practice remotely on photo I need for that the photo of the person or dwelling concerned. People send me a photo with the check or by messenger if payment by bank transfer or PayPal. The price of a traditional Magnetism remote session or bewitchment consultation is the same as a session in the office, ie 45 euros. At my level, I therefore practice two services, the first are traditional Magnetism sessions in the office or remotely on photo and secondly the disenchantments, more precisely the bewitchment consultation sessions. For this last service I practice exclusively remotely on photo for the sake of being protected from any influence I apply in the evening after dark I get a response by dowsing (pendulum) so badly (bewitchment or evil spell entities) I remove and place protection on the person, and I can do this work also on animals, a house or a business. Also even if no spiritual evil I strengthen your protection.


I inform you of each step upon receipt of payment.


A bewitchment consultation is a bit like a blood test, it allows you to be reassured and so badly you remove. When there is excessive fatigue, accumulated obstacles and strange resentments it is better to know and treat. No need to have been in contact with people in black magic. Bewitchments and spells are like air traffic. During a feverish or fragile pass they fit into the person. Obviously we must not go into a psychosis since in the same way that we can contract all diseases we do not think about it every day otherwise we no longer live. So appeal to reason so as not to be afraid, it's useless and it attracts evil, but to caution yes. Following disenchantment, I often receive people in sessions at the office or remotely on photo as part of Magnetism to go up the slope more quickly. Also with each disenchantment I apply a protection and you become stronger. This is dedicated to people weakened or tired by negative accumulations, in other words to give them relief, appeasement and strengthening.



My care is also addressed to people who bear great responsibilities, parents, business leaders, association presidents, political figures, in a practice of releasing negative waves on you, appeasement and positive re-programming of your approach or vision. things, over one or more sessions. Boosting your energy capital, allaying your fears, your doubts and leading your fatigue towards a real rest is my mission and I am always ready to receive you.

Can't find your problem in the list? Do not hesitate to contact me !


Place called Le Charbonneau in L'Epernelle

49120 Cossé-D'Anjou

Thank you for what you sent !

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