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I wanted to call this album Cure,

because I myself had to cure many ailments,

music has strongly contributed

and I wanted my healing to be for healing people.

Every word or gesture that I can apply to the office,

remotely or through my music

is never linked to chance or improvisation

but related to what I was able to go through in my life,

and that is what brings me closer to you, because I am like you.

I composed this album so that it could be therapy,

passing to your ears.

And I also wanted to break the codes,

because this musical album starts in the standard of musics

calm and instrumental therapies,

to move towards sung compositions

and to finish on French song with text can even be oriented pop-rock.

I have been composing for 23 years and in my opinion the music has no limit as long as it rocks,

that it supports us and that it makes us dream.

Inspiration is at the heart of my life, whether through music,

  it cannot be anything other than my soul or my passionate heart that desires to express itself.

Music therapy CD album

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